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2021.11.28 08:00 Top_Weekly_Bot Top post from r/htpc | What Resolution am I Getting on Disney+ With the Windows Store App? | Nov 28 2021

From what I understand if I watch Disney+ via any web browser then I would be stuck with a max resolution of 720p. On the Windows Store version of Disney+ it looks like I am either still stuck with 720p or hopefully 1080p, although it's stupid that I can't stream at 4K still.
If I look at my Data Usage settings it says: "Stream in the highest quality available up to HD"
Now when it did not say UHD, so I'm pretty positive that 4K is out of the question. That also means that the description in the Windows Store is lying. Now I want to know is when they say HD, are the talking about HD being 720p or is it 1080p. FHD is a sometimes used to define 1080p options, so I want to know if that's the case for Disney+.
I just want the people running Disney+ for desktops to pull their heads out of the ass. If it is stuck to 720p still then there is zero reason to use the app over a web browser. And with the app there is also no reason to not allow 4K, Dolby Vision, and HDR10 options too. It looks like we don't even have any offline viewing options either.
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2021.11.28 08:00 ehsanulhaq123 Electric eel

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2021.11.28 08:00 northernguy Request recommendation for lens heater for smallish scopes

would like to keep weight (and price) relatively low. have you had success with any small lens heaters? I need ones for an asi120 mini (30 mm diameter) and a 50 mm diameter refractor. thanks!
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2021.11.28 08:00 Arnadus ⚠[SYS] ⬆ Syscoin +5.11% in 10 minutes.+7.58% in 24 hours . Volume +6.98% in 10 minutes

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2021.11.28 08:00 erer1243 Currently, it's November 28, 2021 at 06:00AM

Currently, it's November 28, 2021 at 06:00AM
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2021.11.28 08:00 Desperate_Leek_5709 Ms PuiYi - oh my god! angel of my heart, who is she making love to???

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2021.11.28 07:59 JadedSilver ALYSSA V [Canon EOS1-N | Cinestill 800T]

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2021.11.28 07:59 moolord Is shitposting allowed?

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2021.11.28 07:59 tauvcasso Registeel- 4274 7382 5078

4274 7382 5078
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2021.11.28 07:59 FaithlessnessSad2123 Still too early to tell? Please and thank you!

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2021.11.28 07:59 XxXNoobMaster69XxXx We live in the socity

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2021.11.28 07:59 spilberk You are as beautifull as the day i lost you.

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2021.11.28 07:59 Avedgy 32m looking for someone to hangout with and go places here in Southern California

I'm into spooky stuff and a lot of music genres. Emo, Pop punk, alternative, and metal are my faves. Some house music as well and some lofi. Looking for Someone I can hangout with, get coffee, tea, boba, walk around, then get a bite to eat, just something fun. There's some arcades around here we can go play at as well. Let's go watch a movie? Let's pick some things to do together :D
I'm pretty shy and awkward at first so just a heads up lol. Let's go walk around downtown areas and explore some places. I enjoy being lazy so more often than not I'd probably just want to hangout and listen to music or watch movies then fall asleep lmao. It's spooky season so there's always movies to watch. Then turn on some music and fall asleep to some emo music.
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2021.11.28 07:59 edraptor Thoughts on this argument? Also will you be using a portion of your money to help others or fund terrorism/war?

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2021.11.28 07:59 EphiXorE Hey Everyone! About half a year ago I started the 60 Day Screenplay Challenge! This is 60 Day Screenplay Part 2!

60 Day Screenplay Challenge Part 2
Hey Everyone, How are you doing?
About half a year ago I started the 60-Day-Screenplay-Challenge. Since I sadly didn't manage to fulfil the whole 60 Days I decided to tackle this challenge again yesterday. Huge congratulations to u/SadUnoriginalName for being the only person to complete the full 60 days! Proof post right here I know how incredibly difficult this was and this is a great achievement! So keep on writing and Hopefully I'll be seeing you around again! :)
For those of you who do not know what the 60 Day Screenplay Challenge is about:
The goal of the challenge is writing 60 different single-page screenplays in 60 days. What you write is entirely up to you as long as you keep on writing. I started this challenge because I'm trying to build a habit of getting more into writing and finishing my scripts and this is a great place to start. I want to encourage everyone to join me on this challenge and write the 60 Pages along with me. I posted a video link, in order to give you a clearer idea of what this whole thing is about and wrote script #1 on screen.
As a small trophy I will read out every screenplay that is sent to me until my next video.
I'm looking forward to seeing all of you soon! :)
Best wishes, and keep on writing!
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2021.11.28 07:59 dtweedo Cushing?

My AM Cortisol was 552 nmol/L at 9:15AM. Does this mean I have Cushing Syndrome? I have poorly controlled asthma. I have taken ventolin and flovent since I was a child. I have occasionally been prescribed prednisone as a child for my asthma. I have only had prednisone a handful of times since I was 10 years old. Would this use of steroids cause Cushing syndrome? Or would it more likely be caused by a tumour or adrenal gland disease?
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