LGv60 2nd screen not working but can charge. New. Can anyone explain why and any solutions?

2021.10.19 04:59 Cheshirenyx LGv60 2nd screen not working but can charge. New. Can anyone explain why and any solutions?

I have a new LGv60 and dual-screen. I have set it up and all but when I attach the 2nd screen case it doesn't even recognize it, however when I charge with it using the magnetic port it was charging. Is there any reason and solution for the dual-screen to work?
I have restarted it both with the 2nd screen case and without -then attaching it, but the phone doesn't recognize it. (I have no floating button for the dual-screen and when I go to settings, there is no setting for dual-screen. it only starts from the home screen option, but on the notification dock there is an icon for dual-screen however it was gray unlike others which were white) Buttons don't work only charging gets recognized.
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2021.10.19 04:59 gahiolo Hmm

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2021.10.19 04:59 inferno-bot Moonhorrors: Outlaw Freedom - Part 2

Moonhorrors: Outlaw Freedom - Part 2 https://preview.redd.it/mzda0zo3obu71.jpg?width=1600&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=51697e396b16c3c3600402ffb8e8f0eed16af19f
Outlaw Freedom By InfernoBot
Part 2
Hours passed, we could talk again, but now instead of yelling over the roaring rain, we spoke only in hushed whispers, every so often daring to peek out the corner of the office window. We had no clue as to the origin or nature of the thing that followed us. We even speculated on the possibility of some shared delusion brought on by isolation and stress. No, we had all seen something. There was some thing out there in the rain that avoided our lights. Something that defied rational explanation, and while it may conform to laws of natural morphology, it stretched them to their absolute limits.
Eventually, our clothes had transitioned from soaked to merely damp, and we dressed ourselves. Simon took his turn exploring for us and crept carefully out and into the neighboring offices in search of anything that might help us. I remained by the door, ready with the light if he should need it. He relied on the faint glow of his phone screen so as not to alert anything watching from outside as to his movements.
After some time, Simon scooted back along the floor to retrieve my help. There were metal shelves in the last office, and the corners were a single solid piece of steel. With a little tape from our kit to give ourselves a better grip, we could use them as crude weapons and possibly fashion a crude crutch for Matthias. I pointed the flashlight at the ceiling to light the immediate area and followed Simon. We had levered the top two rows of shelves free when we heard the crash and the sounds of struggle punctuated by a bone-chilling scream.
We both turned back to the office when we heard Matthias scream. Scooping up the light, I ran to the shattered window and shone the flashlight out through it, catching a glimpse of a pale elongated ankle retreating just beyond the light’s reach. The screams weren’t immediately drowned out by the rain and we listened to them fade into the distance. Not wasting any time, I tipped the desk up against the window and threw the remaining furniture against it.
Simon’s hands cupped his face as he rocked slightly back and forth in the doorway. I snatched out bags off the floor and thrust them in his direction, hissing at him to pull them out of the office. We deposited our remaining gear in the, thankfully, windowless hallway. The stairway echoed with our breath as we sat perched on the top step, struggling to process what happened. Neither of us spoke. Neither of us knew what to say.
I’m unsure of how long we remained there in silence, but eventually Simon moved to rummage through his pack and retrieved his camera. Though there wasn’t anywhere to go, I did my best to give him some privacy as he went to sit at the other end of the hallway and record a message to his family. It seemed like the only thing to do, so I took out my phone and recorded audio messages to my friends and loved ones. The apology to my online family was nearly done when the building shook and the floor lurched beneath me.
My arms flew out to either side, bracing against the walls of the stairwell seeking to keep my balance as the world tilted. Seated on the incline of the steps with my hands pressed to the walls, I was relatively stable, but poor Simon rolled past me, tumbling into the back wall with a heavy thud. There was groaning all around us and the whole structure shuddered. Like a submarine diving to escape a plane, we crashed down into the earth.
There’s no telling how long I lay in that inky darkness. The cumulative exhaustion of the day’s events weighed down my consciousness, and all it took was a thump to the head from some part of the collapsing structure to exile me from the waking world. Freed from outside stimuli, my mind probed the infinite cosmic gulfs of my own subconscious. I found myself lying in a shallow pool, staring up at a black sky of failing stars, petrified with fear.
Those legs, the thing that followed, strode toward me out of the darkness. It did not stop as I feared it would, instead continuing past me out of my field of vision. Though I could not see it, I could still feel its presence lurking just out of sight. An icy-cold hand caressed my bare belly, trailing its fingers from one side to the other. Some lighter shape, like a misshapen full moon, resolved before me despite the total darkness of my surroundings and loomed overhead.
Thick pale lips, like a pair of bloated glistening worms, ringed the mouth, framing jutting and misshapen teeth the color of rotten chicken. The thick upper lip bore a patchy uneven mustache and a similarly uneven beard followed the lower edge of its shallow chin. The nose, flat and broad, glistened with oil seeping out of pores as large as garden snails. A few wispy strands of hair clung to the top of its tall, shiny forehead. At the center of it all were the eyes, huge staring eyes, like a fish’s eyes set in dark ringed sockets. Though one eye’s gaze drifted lazily to the side, the other remained fixed on me.
The rancid smell of its hot breath like the mayonnaise caked sides of an overflowing dumpster behind a KFC. In a rasping croak, it uttered three words.
“That’s what’s up.”
My own screams woke me. It took several terrifying moments to register that the sound was coming from my own throat. When I clamped my mouth shut, I tasted dried saliva and a hint of blood. All of my limbs were numb and my eyes rolled around searching for something to orient myself, but I was blind. With a few experimental movements, I raised my arm, feeling the sudden chill over my bare skin as I lifted it out of the shallow pool of water I had come to rest in. I passed my hand in front of me, bumping something wood over my head, but finding no real obstruction pinning me down. Stiffly, and slowly, I pulled myself up into a half sitting position. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness enveloping me and I could make out the faintest blue glow to my side. Probing around the clutter with my fingers, I pulled free the light we’d been sharing. I praised and thanked whatever moon-deity was watching out for me and gave the light’s charger a few vigorous cranks to make sure its battery was full again, then shone it around.
The ruins of the stairs were at my feet and there was a large section of ceiling or wall which had fallen at an angle, creating a triangular tunnel. I must have been immediately adjacent to some large load-bearing beam because sections of the surrounding ceiling had fallen like the walls of a teepee around me. As I cast the circle of light about, I caught sight of Simon’s bag. An urgency filled me. I needed to make every effort to find and free my companion.
My hands ached as I dug at the debris like a mole, picking at and breaking off bits of drywall and ceiling panels. Cold dust infiltrated my throat and I stifled a cough, pulling my shirt over my mouth and nose. With time, I shifted enough rubble to find what had been the building’s back wall. It was when I twisted a clump of old wires together into a bundle and swung the attached light fixture aside that I caught sight of a boot.
Knowing now where my friend had been buried, I doubled my efforts. Having found a suitable piece of wood, I could lever and shift aside more rubble and get at Simon beneath the collapsed portion of wall which had come down on him. When I lifted the last large chunk of wall off his chest, I was relieved to hear him wheeze in a long breath and cough. To say my relief in finding him alive bordered on euphoric would have been an understatement.
With a few pieces of sturdier debris to serve as supports, I was able to take his hand and pull him free, back toward the more sheltered area of the rubble. He had not fared as well in the collapse. A greenish-blue goose egg was rising on his forehead and blood had dried below his nostrils. To his credit, he complained very little, only mentioning a stiffness in his back and some discomfort which accompanied his breathing. For the moment, I guided him back to the more spacious area near the steps and rummaged through our remaining pack to assess our supplies.
As it stood, we had no clean water and only two protein bars remaining. Simon still had his phone, albeit with a broken screen, but mine was lost somewhere in the ruble. After a brief search, I had to accept it was gone. Using the flashlight, I pointed out the triangular tunnel beginning at what had been the foot of the stairs. We supposed, maybe, the ground had fallen in such a way it might have left a slope which we could use to climb out and slid our way further into the earth.
Our crawl led us not to an earthen ramp or open sky, but to a much larger tunnel. The floor oozed with mud and though we could stand, it sucked at our boots as we pressed on. With no other options, we followed the passage deeper underground. It was Simon who first noticed the sound. It came in waves, a low distant murmur, then a stretch of silence, then more of the indistinct guttural noise.
I have no way of knowing how long we wandered the dripping bowels of the earth, regularly casting a wary glance behind us, nor do I know how deep we traveled down the winding tunnels. We passed layers of clay, limestone, sandstone, and strata I couldn’t identify. Here and there, floating in stagnant mud pools, we found signs of the surface world; a crushed plastic bottle, some broken bits of wood, anything the water could have swept down in its tempestuous surges.
As we came around a bend, we found ourselves blocked by a short, slimy waterfall, maybe ten feet tall and oozing a slurry of muddy water. Though our single light could only probe so far into the darkness, I had the distinct impression the passage beyond this sloped up. With Simon being the lighter of us, I helped him onto my shoulders and he scrambled up over the slick ledge. He panned the flashlight around to confirm there was a route to continue our quest for the surface, then lowered his coat to me to serve as a makeshift lifeline. With some difficulty, I heaved myself over the lip of the waterfall and we continued on. In the brief moment he had stuffed the light in his pocket to put his jacket back on, I realized the surrounding cavern was actually somewhat luminous. All around us was a faint reddish glow like the burnt wick of a candle, just at the edge of the visible spectrum.
Simon took the lead, keeping the flashlight pointed down to spot drop-offs, and I followed a few steps behind, straining my eyes to take in the features of the cave’s unique geology. The space we’d climbed into wasn’t simply another tunnel. This was part of a huge cavern or network of caverns. The walls, where I could perceive them, were smooth and slick with moisture. Here and there, the route we followed was dotted with pools and randomly honeycombed with dripping stalactites, sometimes reaching down to meet glistening stalagmites. All around us were slick-edged pools, sometimes overtopping their bound with languid dripping waterfalls from one flowstone terrace to another.
The curious noise we’d become aware of further down the tunnel returned, growing louder as we progressed. It was like a strange burbling, but rhythmic and repetitive. I reasoned that perhaps it could be some water building and releasing along some natural channel and echoing off the rocks in an unusual regularity like a geyser. The rocks around us must have held some natural phosphorescent properties, making more and more of the ruby-tinted subterranean expanse visible as we progressed. Eventually, Simon switched off the flashlight and our eyes adjusted to the crimson gloom.
In the rudy twilight, pushing between two large calcite deposits, Simon suddenly thrust out his arm, nearly striking me squarely in the chest. His eyes were fixed on something around the next bend and he held up a finger to his lips before hooking it to point around the corner. With painstaking slowness, we crept around the stone and inch by inch an enormous shallow bowl in the rock came into view. With tremendous shock, I realized the growing light in the cavern was emanating from this place as several of the flowstone basins dotting the space contained a low burning liquid.
Here and there, the floor of the cavern was dotted with the unmistakable shadowy outline of bones and heaps of debris. At the center, arrayed loosely around an immense uneven mound of flowstone, were dozens of prostrate figures bowing in supplicance. I had a brief moment of wonder, marvelling at how countless eons of erosion and sedimentation had formed this scene which looked so much like actual bodies arrayed around an idol in prayer, when in unison, they sat up. They raised their pale flabby arms above bald and bulbous heads and uttered a burbling guttral chant, the same low rhythmic sound we had heard intermittently all throughout the caves.
The ritual mass offered their inhuman prayers to the massive lumpy figure as the center of the basin stretching up almost out of sight. Some combination of calcite deposited and worked stone imbued a vaguely amphibian cast to it. Layers of flowstone gave the impression of sets of arms folded across its enormous belly and the stalactites and stalagmites meeting atop it evoked the features of the most grotesque species of bat. Sporadically, one or more of the misshapen frog things would lumber to the top of the crude natural altar and heave something in the top to disappear down into some unseen recess.
I won’t repeat or even attempt to imitate the inhuman sounds uttered there. They are too terrible for the ear of civilized man. As we watched in silent horror, one of the pale things turned its amphibian head toward us. The semi-translucent lids slid back over it bulging black eyes and it made a stuttering, croaking sound in our direction. I had my wits about me and knew we had stumbled into some scene we were not meant to see. I tugged at Simon’s sleeve, already having turned away and started in the opposite direction. He whispered something I didn’t catch and numbly followed me.
The shadows cast on the walls of the cave in the pale firelight showed terrible distorted figures with disproportionately long limbs loping along the cavern behind us, and as we ran in silence, we could hear the wet slapping of their bare feet on the cavern floor. I took a path at random, weaving between flowstone pools and stalagmites in some desperate bid to lose our pursuers. Simon was breathing hard, every few breaths ending in a shuddering wheeze. I think the injury to his chest was more serious than he let on, and after a few more minutes of running, he collapsed behind a stone column. I tried to get him to stand. I tried to make him move.
He whimpered something and before I could get him to repeat it, the wet slapping footsteps were upon us again. I made one last effort to pull him to his feet but he refused to go on. A webbed hand grasped around the bend of the pillar and caught Simon’s foot. He didn’t even fight, just a wailing defeated scream as it dragged him out of sight. With no hope of saving him, I fled that crimson grotto. I ran toward the darkness of the surrounding tunnels, away from the light and the awful things it showed.
My flight into the stygian tunnels was haphazard, directionless. More than once, I blundered into a wet, sloped wall and had to stop to feel my way along its length. All manner of horrors lurked in the darkness around me, such was the state of my sensory-deprived mind. So, I continued running from unseen horrors until my eyes showed me a length of tunnel which resolved from pitch black to a faint gray.
It was still incredibly dark, but I could make out a jagged rim to the space above me. As I blundered out toward it, I was struck in the face by something cold and stinging. The rain. I was again under open sky. I was somewhere tantalizingly close to the surface. Picking my way through mud and debris, I found myself at the base of a rusting lattice of bright blue painted steel. It was the Gumbo Yo-Yo, the drop-tower ride which had plunged into the sinkhole at the park’s center.
I craned my neck back, shielding my eyes with my hands from the rain. In the hazy twilight, I could trace a path along one side, some sort of maintenance ladder. Ignoring my exhaustion and the stinging rain, I practically leapt on the ladder and began climbing for the top of the ride. If one has never climbed a tall ladder before, the process is punishing on the legs and hands. My thighs burned with each step and my hands ached as they gripped each rung.
After a seeming eternity, near my limit to keep climbing, I reached the top. I made the leap to pavement and scampered away from the edge. Even through the downpour, I could make out the gray shapes of buildings, statues, and decorations. Our trek through the tunnels must have taken the whole of the night, right through ‘til dawn. Nothing could have been a greater relief than to pull myself inside one of the buildings to catch my breath, but I didn’t dare to stop and rest, not even for a second. Cursing at myself under my breath, I urged myself on.
I was past the point of complaint, past fatigue, past exhaustion. I was almost like a robot stumbling forward along the park’s avenues towards the outer perimeter. Water hammered down on me, stinging my skin like a swarm of wasps. The wind drove the droplets of rain in chilled gusts, sinking its claws in, tearing at my clothes. My boots churned into the earth amid the soaking grass and I felt something solid bite into my shoulder; a chain link fence. Above my head I could make out the barbed wire stretching off into the grey distance. I had reached the outer boundary, just a thin steel mesh stood between me and freedom!
My fingers gripped the wire and hauled me up, pressed against the steel barrier. My visibility wasn’t any better, but I could feel my way along the fence, searching for the narrow cut we’d made to enter. Navigating by feel through the rain and the howling wind, I didn’t see what grabbed my boot. Panic flashed through my brain; I could not have come so far for something to get me now, not while salvation was so close! Violently shaking my foot sent waves through the mesh of the fence and I realized I wasn’t being pulled by any malignant entity. I had hooked my boot under the bottom edge of the fence and the rough ends had become entangled in my shoelaces.
Kicking my foot down and back, I gouged out a deep furrow in the drenched earth. The Louisiana soil had been soaking up all the rain for hours and had reverted to its primordial state of sodden marshland. With this realization, I began to kick out from under the fence using the toes of my boots like a dog’s paws to scoop out great clumps of mud and muck. Each mule-kick brought me one inch closer to escape, to survival.
I dropped down onto my belly, reaching my arm under and through the shallow pit I’d dug, grabbing fistfuls of grass and pulling out by the roots, throwing it behind me with clumps of mud and the odd rock. I worked with mad intensity, scarcely noticing the grass slicing at my hands or the scraping of the fence along my arms and shoulder.
Clawing at the grass on the other side, I found purchase and hauled myself forward with all my might. Kicking at the mud and the fence, I wriggled free and up onto a dry patch. Rolling onto my back, I surveyed the hole I’d squeezed through. Slowly, the rain slackened and dissipated, and as I looked back up over the fence toward the park, there were only a handful of gray clouds moving across an overcast sky. Were my clothes not soaked completely through, stained with a thick layer of mud, I wouldn’t have believed the deluge I’d just escaped had ever happened.
Dappled sunlight peeked through the clouds, casting a myriad of familiar shadows through the bushes and trees that surrounded the park. Lying flat on my back, I shut my eyes and let my breathing slow. Behind my closed eyes, my mind played back everything that had transpired through the night. Every grim detail seared into my memory loomed up through the fog. Simon’s last words had not registered at the time, but now looking back, I could roll them over and over in my mind and process their meaning.
His words were mumbled, but now with hindsight I was able to ponder what he had said. What Simon had seen that shook him so deeply, what he had tried to tell me. The thing I had thankfully not seen and in the heat of the moment, not realized.

They’re feeding it.

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2021.10.19 04:59 ASICmachine Why your coin most likely won't make 500x gains (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.19 04:59 dontwantname1 How to get into to a REU as a rising sophomore

Hi! I am currently a BME freshman looking for REUs and I see most people who got in are not rising sophomores. Just wondering if anybody could share their experience if they get in as a freshman.
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2021.10.19 04:59 ASICmachine Popular or unpopular opinion, whatever. I have to say that we are getting downvoted for no reason at all (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.19 04:59 TiredOfStudies I like eating at McDonald’s, watching shitty Adam Sandler movies, I don’t like hiking or travel and I live in Europe — please let me just BE

I like eating at McDonald’s, watching shitty Adam Sandler movies, I don’t like hiking or travel and I live in Europe — please let me just BE
I am tired of being expected to like those cult things like a boring 3h black and white movie from eastern European cinema where you leave the room wanting to kill yourself instead of having a couple of laughs and a heartwarming ending. I don’t want to fucking hike or do some crazy trip throughout every country just because I’m living in Europe and traveling is at reach. I like to bring McDonald’s to eat at work every once in a while and I don’t need to be judged if I’m not eating your vegan organic locally produced happiness-free hospital meal. And no I’m not some far-right nut or a trashy American because of my opinions and tastes (I’m not even American lol). Let me enjoy Europe my way, the social security and welfare, and stop judging me fucking pretentious people. I couldn’t care less about your short film festival or your museum expo of abstract art.
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2021.10.19 04:59 sereniti81 A group calling themselves non-partisan health professionals are holding their first briefing on B.C.'s COVID-19 response this week, citing a lack of transparency and a "worrisome lack of science-informed pandemic response" from officials in the province.

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2021.10.19 04:59 moominluvr any places to fix water damaged macbook?

i spilled water on my macbook air yesterday and i’ve been leaving it to dry, but i think it’ll stop working eventually. does anyone know any places i can go to to have it checked out and possibly have it repaired?
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2021.10.19 04:59 larahomebody Lonely and alone

I am a BW and I find myself here because I literally have no one that I feel I can tell or want to tell. I do see a counselor but when it comes to my friends and family, I feel too embarrassed and ashamed to share what is really going on. I feel like I have to carry this burden on my own.
I know his actions have nothing to do with me but I feel like it reflects poorly on me that I got cheated on. I fear that people will pity me — or worse, judge me for being a complete naive fool.
Does anyone else relate? Or if you have told people in your life, who did you trust?
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2021.10.19 04:59 Limp-Pick5387 Why are girls uninterested in me?

I been in a stage in my life where it seems like all girls just don’t like me. I dm girls and they ignore me, i get on tinder and get no swipes, I go to clubs and try to talk to girls with no luck. It feels like I am hideous and idk what im doing wrong or whats wrong with me. Any advice?
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