A great example of fake disorder cringe

The disordered behaviour will often be Played for Laughs.This technique is generally used to avoid writing yet another Patient of the Week story about some specific disorder and to focus on the laugh-producing elements without having to deal with the serious issues. Or, less generously, to mock the kooky outer aspects of mental illness without the risk of getting angry letters. This fake documentary did a pretty good job with the setup in the main character Sebastian, supposedly from the year 3036. There are plot holes unfortunately. The movie reveals Sebastian view of the future has more in common with conspiracy theories than QAnon. Autistic people learn to be good guessers, but we never really know if our social responses are appropriate. We live in a state of perpetual social anxiety, always in danger of saying or doing the ... Via Services is holding its eighth annual Community Fall Festival on Oct. 9. The event features a pumpkin patch, trick-or-treating, food and games. While admission is free, tickets will be ... But soon it became full of weepy, pity-party moments and those were less enjoyable. The biggest problem, however, was the aftermath of the reveal. They just couldn't figure out how something like a fake identity would end so they did a 180 into melodrama land and the only real evidence of that half of the show was the opening. Character biography. Henry R. Schrader is the brother-in-law of main character Walter White, and is a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent in Albuquerque, New Mexico.Throughout the series, he leads the investigation of the methamphetamine cook "Heisenberg" — unaware that the elusive drug kingpin is his own brother-in-law. Hank is also faced with numerous threats from the rival drug ...

2021.10.19 04:14 Recon648 A great example of fake disorder cringe

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2021.10.19 04:14 kimsouza [PS5] 30fps (fidelidade) x 60fps (desempenho)

Já faz alguns meses que adquiri um PS5 e mtos jogos vem com a opção de modo fidelidade (30fps) ou desempenho (60fps).
Eu já testei os dois modos várias vezes, mas não consigo decidir definitivamente em qual modo jogar.
Existes jogos que não há mta diferença gráfica, no entanto outros como FF7 Remake a diferença é mto perceptível. Outro ponto também é quando vc está jogando um game a 60 e muda para outro a 30, parece que está tudo em câmera lenta..
60 sempre me parece mais “lavado” com menos detalhes e com 30 os gráficos ficam incríveis, porém mais “lentos”, principalmente em cenas rápidas, parece que estamos “perdendo frames”..
Enfim, a discussão é longa, oq vcs acham? Costumam jogar em um modo só ou variam de jogo para jogo?
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2021.10.19 04:14 NoMoney8680 [Recruiting] Desire #2YRQVQ8VV | Th8 | Level 3 clan | Social/ Arranged war/ Farming/ Trophy pushing | Need more active war mates as-well as donators thanks! 15/50 members

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2021.10.19 04:14 lourudy Lost: Team Garbage Can Lid

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2021.10.19 04:14 breadbutsoup dehra dun or om hare om (gopala krishna)

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2021.10.19 04:14 kloyN Getting Julio Jones only took the equivalency of Joejuan Williams (2nd round pick) who was a healthy scratch last week in year 3 and Hjalte Froholdt (4th round pick) who is not even on the team

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2021.10.19 04:14 nxthompson_tny People Should Drink Way More Recycled Wastewater

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2021.10.19 04:14 grimace97 Gay scene in eastern Canada?

I know Canada’s known for being an excellent country to be gay in, but how are specific areas? I’m looking at colleges (I’m currently in high school in Upstate New York) in Canada and was wondering about it. How are the following cities:
-Québec City
-New Brunswick in general (I know this is a whole province)
Also, are there any stereotypes like with tops/bottoms for any of the places? Like for instance I know there’s a stereotype of there being an inordinate number of tops in Tel Aviv. Something like that.
(On peut répondre en français aussi car je référence les villes francophones)
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2021.10.19 04:14 tmj623 Is Jax Beach cliquey? 25 y/o male here moved here recently and idk I feel like the scene is tough to break into…how do I go about getting into the house party scene/making friends without really knowing anyone?

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2021.10.19 04:14 ShadyGabe Anybody else having trouble going online?

I'm trying to play online, but it keeps saying there's server maintenance, even though it's stated on Nintendo's website that they finished.
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2021.10.19 04:14 NotARabbitISwear Graveyard Drift Bundle V-Buck Challenges

Graveyard Drift Bundle V-Buck Challenges Just bought the Graveyard Drift bundle and finished the challenges. I only got 1,500 when I was supposed to get 2,000. This happen to anyone else and/or how do I fix it?
You can see right next to the skin.
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2021.10.19 04:14 TheMoldyTatertot How’s this?

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2021.10.19 04:14 uttharasena58 He dodged a bullet, but at what cost.???

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2021.10.19 04:14 Actual_Material_5915 (GXiVR8480A10) is this a good option for the newer battlefield 2042? why or why not? thanks!

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2021.10.19 04:14 TouchMySwagga Apx Volt vs E-mesh

Having trouble breaking through with my oil burner or with the sandwich method and I’m looking at some of the other methods
What’s better, Apx Volt or an E-mesh?
From what I can see, the Volt is less customizable but very easy to purchase and receive relatively quickly.
E-mesh devices require a little more research because there are a few pieces to acquire, plus there’s something preventing fast shipping from reputable companies if I’m not mistaken, some sort of new law? But they could be cheaper.
From the above, it would seem that the Volt is the way to go? What do y’all think?
(P.S. what’s the likelihood that my DMT is just weak or diluted?)
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2021.10.19 04:14 kjt323 Feedback please 🙏 I just started painting a couple of weeks ago so I'm very much a newbie! Any feedback or tips would be much appreciated 🥰

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2021.10.19 04:14 AJ_Deadshow A really good song will have AT LEAST three hooks, i.e. catchy melodies/rhythm

All the Girls Love Alice, Benny and the Jets, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
God Gave Rock n Roll to You by Argent
Hold On Loosely by 38 Special
Band on the Run, Silly Love Songs by Wings
Anything by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Stevie Wonder
There are hundreds of thousands you could name from lots of different genres but these are just the ones that come to MY mind as I'm thinking of them, as this is the music I know best.
Rush, Boston, The Cars...
All Night Long by Lionel Richie
The reason I bring this up is that some up and coming musicians might think you need just one or maybe two hooks in your song. No, try three or four, if you want it be really good and memorable for people in lots of different ways. Various parts of Band on the Run have popped in my head at different times and it often blew my mind how it was all the same song.
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2021.10.19 04:14 MKF1228 Derek Riggs signing

Derek Riggs is doing a signing in the area soon. Gotta decide what I want him to sign. Been waiting over 30 years for this. Will probably have him sign some vinyl album covers.
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2021.10.19 04:14 Unique-Article3083 Si

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2021.10.19 04:14 Own-Score1197 Good Tshare Price for New Hexicans! More Wallets and Stakers! Price Steady! Hex Day 686!

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2021.10.19 04:14 Salty_Owl3111 What's the easiest way to get environmental kills?

for the achievement Blam!
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2021.10.19 04:14 reddit-is-assho Am I being too harsh on people by cutting them out of my life?

Over the years I have cut off multiple friends, to the point where I have none left. I just can't stand people who are self-centered and inconsiderate. Which seems to be most people I meet.
Like my best friend is terrible with time. Blows off plans without saying anything. Forgets I exist when she meets a man. Constantly complains about her men, mom, job, money issues. Drinks herself silly and becomes obnoxious when we go out.
I cut out two guys who I was seeing. They both started playing the push pull game, ghosted me and then tried to come back.
There was a friend I gamed with until he ditched me twice. So I unfriended everywhere he added me. On one game unfriending is one-sided so he was like "wow so this is the only place you haven't unfriended me." I did not respond.
There was this one guy who just ignored my messages whenever he didn't want to deal with an occasional complaint about something.
On dating apps if a guy ditches me mid-conversation I don't ever reach out again. Sometimes they'll try and reach out again months later in which case I do not respond. Lately I've just started blocking them so I'm not reminded of them.
Anyway you get the idea. I just have lost any tolerance or patience with self-centered inconsiderate behavior and just cut people out. But I wonder if I'm being too harsh.
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2021.10.19 04:14 Head-Preparation1595 🐕 ShibaSKY - 🔥 Launching Now | 8% SHIB Rewards | 🔒 Unruggable - 100% Community-Driven

ShibaSky is a fast-growing, 100% community-driven
with BEP20 tokenomics.
There are many cool reasons why.
In a world of decentralized currencies, we are convinced that decentralized governance is the next step. ShibaSky will be used as a governance token for our upcoming DEX ShibaSky-Swap.
As a holder, you will earn many perks as well as passive income through yield-farming. Because ShibaSky has such a small circulating supply the price of our token will increase a lot over time.
Early birds not only have the chance to shape the future with us but as well profit from a massive price curve.
We're about to release a lot over the long run

The contract creator renounced his ownership to the burn wallet and locked the LP. Thanks to that ShibaSky is not only secure but completely in the hand of the community itself.
Earn passive rewards when holding tokens and watch your balance grow.
🔥 8% fee auto distribute to all holders with every trade.
Total Supply
1,000,000,000 tokens
ShibaSky is not your typical meme project. We are a movement that is completely community-driven!
It all started with one person finding the contract and him making sure it is secure. This person (we call him the grandfather) invited his friends to join him on his vision. He wanted to create a project that is built by the community. He experienced a lot of rug pulls by greedy devs which lead him to the decision that a successful meme-token needs to be in the hand of the community itself.
ShibaSky has no owner but the community behind it. The contract creator renounced his ownership to the burn wallet and locked the LP. Thanks to that, we can now create a movement without hierarchy and scams. Join and build the future of meme tokens! (and get rich by doing it)
Automatic LP
💧Every trade contributes a 2% fee toward automatically generating liquidity locked inside PancakeSwap.
Contract: 0xef120dd64a5e3763d8b97c81146ac07a1801fd82
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xef120dd64a5e3763d8b97c81146ac07a1801fd82
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x9a6da8861343794AE0D86292789C2e73D5Cde1c7
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xef120dd64a5e3763d8b97c81146ac07a1801fd82#readContract
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2021.10.19 04:14 LittleTribuneMayor Brake inspection?

Looking for the most honest, trustworthy place to get a brake inspection and maybe some brakes done. Open to backyard mechanic or any other suggestions as well. Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.19 04:14 Noble_Kings Vertical gpu now. I might get some acrylic to make the gpu and bracket look a little more natural

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