I have a non cringy reason for liking Fortnite

Really liking the leaked images of the new design, 🔥 ... Always been this way, no reason for Apple to offer more for less.. ... Sapphire makes the screen much dimmer. I have both non-SS and SS, side by side SS screen is a lot dimmer but I would stil get SS due to scratch resistance. If all your customers have email addresses, you have a 100% reach of your customers. Another important thing to keep in mind is the ever-increasing dominance of cellular phones over landline phones. United States FCC rules prevent automated dialing and calling cellular phone numbers and there is a noticeable trend towards people having cellular ... In the United States, the non-medical use of cannabis is legalized in 18 states (plus Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the District of Columbia) and decriminalized in 13 states (plus the U.S. Virgin Islands) as of June 2021. Decriminalization refers to a policy of reduced penalties for cannabis offenses, typically involving a civil penalty for possessing small amounts (similar to how a ... This homemade lotion recipe is non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and all-natural! If you want the ultimate non-greasy homemade lotion recipe, you want it to be quick, easy, and have accessible ingredients, right? Well, now you’ve found it! This recipe is great for year-round dry skin problems. In psychology of art, the relationship between art and emotion has newly been the subject of extensive study thanks to the intervention of esteemed art historian Alexander Nemerov. Emotional or aesthetic responses to do art have previously been viewed as basic stimulus response, but new theories and research have suggested that these experiences are more complex and able to be studied ... The non-cognitive position has also been motivated by skepticism about the cognitive theories. The non-cognitive theorists deny that propositional attitudes and the conceptual knowledge that they require (for example, anger is the judgment that I have been wronged) are necessary for emotions.

2021.10.19 04:12 SkyMasterARC I have a non cringy reason for liking Fortnite

No, this isn't a meme.
I was recently diagnosed with autism and it clicked. I liked Fortnite because of the mobile version. Unlike most other ported games it's a complete cross platform game, not a dumbed down version for phones. What does this have to do with autism? Well I have a big issue with sensory motor coordination and having the HUD, game, controls and my fingers in the same place really helps. Muscle memory is almost non existent, and I need a very specific set of conditions to achieve good fine motor control.
So yeah, I like Fortnite because it's the only honest to God mobile game that's 100% cross platform and not a stupid microtransactions machine. And this is important because I like playing on touchscreen, where fingers, controls and game are all in my FOV.
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2021.10.19 04:12 moripeji Could someone reassure me that I’m not doomed? (TW: weight gain fear, food fears)

Hi, everyone,
A warning, this is SUPER long and I really, really apologize. It’s embarrassingly long tbh. But, I just really needed to get this all out in case there’s SOMEONE out there that can relate or— at the very least— tell me to shut up and that I’m actually totally normal at this stage…
I first want to thank you all for, well, existing. I’ve suffered for about three years (a short, but very intense, three years) with exercise disorder, disordered eating, orthorexia, and anorexia, and it has always given me such hope to see all of you out there, trying to journey through this recovery shit together!
Anyway, my disorders got really severe this last year when I hit a weight that was deemed “underweight”, and I realized that letting a CICO app control my every day,wrecking my life, relationships, etc. over maintaining an exercise routine, and keeping a highly restricted/ insufficient diet that was not sustainable just wasn’t worth it anymore. I wasn’t living and I’d effectively isolated myself from every single close friend and family member that I had (for reference, I’m 25 years old, not that that really makes a difference, but).
Anyhow, I graduated from grad school and started a new job; now that things have finally calmed down with adjusting to the new job, I decided to commit to recovery once and for all about a month ago. I’ve been working with a dietician (and I’ll soon be working with a therapist, but that’s besides the point) on a terrifying all-in recovery approach.
Exercise and counting calories was all I knew for three years. My dietician effectively axed any exercise (even walking), and she forced me to remove all of my CICO apps on day one. (I also work from home— so we’re talking virtually ZERO movement throughout the day.) She also put me on a meal plan, but the rules are insanely lax, just so long as I apparently recognize that the plan is a “minimum” and NOT a maximum. My dietician actually actively encourages me to eat absolute “junk” food if it’s what I want— and in copious amounts. She even has “blizzards” as an optional dAILY “fun time” snack. What!
The predicament: all my life, pre-discovery of my love for running and healthy foods (which I just took… too far), I have had absolutely zero willpower. I’m quite short (5’4” and female bodied), and I was classified as overweight or obese my entire life until I lost weight (and, again, took that too far). I LOVE food, and I have zero problem eating enormous loads of it at any given time. My obsessive counting apps were the first time I was actually able to practice “moderation”.
Ok, phew, so lots and lots of info there, but here’s where I was leading:
I know I was/ am sick, but my life for three years was centered around feeling like I had a healthy lifestyle— I was a dedicated runner, I really felt great until this year, and I loved, loved eating. I also really LIKED myself and felt GOOD about who I was until it took a turn. I ate a TON of food during this time; it’s just that I found ways to unhealthily compensate via my love for running… I was always a “volume eater” during my restriction, so I lost hunger cues and fullness cues long ago. Or, I’m uncomfortably stuffed all the time. However, now that the usual vegetables I volumized the hell out of before are somewhat off the table, I’m finding I’m STILL eating copious amounts of food that I’m used to, but it’s now very, very NOT-meant-to-be-volumized food that I’m eating… constantly. I cannot stop snacking on all the foods I “banned” before— chocolate, loads of ice cream, cookies, dough, nut butters, literal jars of frosting at a time, shit tons of cereal, etc. And, as a result, the weight gain has been absolutely rapid in just a month.
I cannot stop eating copious amounts of sugary foods, even despite keeping to my meal plan and eating loads of Not Dessert food at other times in the day. Again, I haven’t had hunger cues for a long time, and I’m completely accustomed to being uncomfortably full already, so I just can’t / don’t stop eating until the guilt gets too hard to deal with.
I feel like trash— I barely move throughout the day, and I feel like I may be developing bed at the rapid rate at which I’ll down any sugary thing in sight (I literally just had an entire row of oreos and a gooooood amount of peanut butter chocolate coated popcorn before writing this, which is really what led me to write this to begin with). I’m so terrified that my set point is going to be right back where I started, and I’ll be bound to relapse again and again to try to get back to that time where I was healthy, ran for the love of it, and was a healthy weight that I felt GOOD at. I’ve been told tons of times that I’m not permitted to do any intentional exercise OR drop the meal plan until I restore my period; but, I’ve already reached “healthy” BMI / weight after just one month. At this rate, I’m terrified that I’m going to overshoot so far by the time that happens that I’ll have a load of other health problems on the other side of the spectrum, and I STILL won’t moderate a thing I eat.
So, I know this is long as all hell. I’m so sorry— if you made it this far (and if ANYTHING I wrote is even comprehensible), thank you. But, my WHOLE post’s TLDR question is this: am I absolutely doomed? Is this normal to feel so out of control, to eat every sugary thing in sight to an unreal extent, even when feeling zero hunger or fullness cues? Am I developing BED, or will it calm down?
It’s almost as if I’ve decided subconsciously that all of my pre-ED self-love and fitness and progress has been shot beyond repair, so I’m just doing the literal MOST to ENSURE that happens since I’ve lost hope and “screwed up” beyond repair anyway. Also, now that my nutritionist has literally given me permission to eat all of the MOST indulgent foods 24/7, it’s like my brain is shouting “there’s no rules!!!” and just going…. feral. Am I…. normal? Is this normal?I feel like I’m going far beyond even what my dietician intended…
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2021.10.19 04:12 lasanang RTX 2060 GPU passthroughed on ESXi 7.0, but no HDMI

Hi. I have managed to passthrough a RTX 2060 to the Win10 guest, but the 3 monitors connected to the GPU is still connected to the host (main screen showing the ESXi IP-adresses etc while the two others are black). I am completely lost on what do on how to get the guest outputed to the DP & HDMI ports on the GPU (I dont care if the host is headless or uses the iGPU HDMI on the z390 motherboard/Intel CPU).
Is there anything I can do to tell the host not to use the RTX 2060 GPU ports or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
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2021.10.19 04:12 HU55LEH4RD ProtonAOSP 12.0.0 - Custom ROM for Google Pixel from kdrag0n that focuses on performance and UI/UX based on Android 12

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2021.10.19 04:12 NickAiello94 Sterling Shepard Value Check

Will the guy ever be worth more than a late second at best?
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2021.10.19 04:12 melonsunni How can I report a professor who also happens to be the Dean of the department

I’m having issues with a professor who refuses to teach adequately. The professor dismisses any questions the students ask during class and just tells them to go to her office hours, once you go to her office hours she dismisses you again because she’s “too busy”. also she outed students with accommodations to the whole class. Besides that, she keeps telling us how she’s extremely credible and smart and super smart. And also let’s us know that if we want to report her we have to report her to the Dean, which in this case she’s the Dean so she will be ignoring our request. What can I do to report this behavior, I am not the only one having issues.
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2021.10.19 04:12 snakeydrake I created a playlist for my favorite ambient electronic tracks. Includes artists like Aphex Twin, M83, and Sleepmakeswaves. Perfect for reading, relaxing, and driving :)

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2021.10.19 04:12 Phase_Designer I feel like my brain is mush

Like literally, I’m due in a month and the more pregnant I’ve gotten the worse my memory gets! Probably doesn’t help that I also have ADHD and am not medicated right now as I usually would be. I’ll literally look at something and recite to myself that I’m putting it down in this place so I can remember, go looking for it the next day and have NO idea where it is. I feel like I’m literally losing my mind! Anyone else have this problem or am I just a hot mess?!
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2021.10.19 04:12 Jedocide I hate her so goddamn much!!

I can't even fuckn do this anymore! I love her too death! With ever fibre of my being! And I honestly hate it so much! I can't believe I let myself break NC by even giving her the time of day, she just acts all lovey then eventually turns us the fuck around and yet again had the nerve to put Everything on me. Calling me Manipulative and abusive and only wanting other girls. Manipulative?! Literally never did ANYTHING I enjoyed, because I wanted to make her happy, and I'm abusive, with all the scars, broken bones, hospital visits I have in this year alone. For the first time in my life I never actually wanted anyone else. And I'm a fickle dude. I bored bored of everything within months, be it games, TV shows, jobs, women, friends. And I was still obsessively attracted to her after 2 goddamn years! She was super to be the reception exception to the rule. To all the rules! But she's not. She's just.. A demon. She's the monster I used to be. My perfect enemy. The only thing that could've ever felled me. Perfectly designed to rip me apart in every way. And love her until she watches the moonlight fade from my eyes. When I was her age, I did exactly the same thing to people. For fun. I was a sadistic, broken, hate driven psychopath. But did I really deserve this? Now? After I've spent year after year putting so much into helping people, being a better man, literally saving lives instead of destroying or ending them. Why now? Why does the universe decide to take its revenge now? Does willingness matter? Is there any redemption of the wicked when they are punished after they have sought atonement whole heartedly? Why bother anymore. I peaked in happiness. Only to find pain unparalleled by anything I could of dreamt of in my worst nightmare. And I have nightmares boy, lemme tell you. I don't sleep anymore. If there is a hell, I think i may be considering that as am alternative. Burning will keep my mind of this torture.
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