Sushi Tuesday

2021.09.22 00:19 Enzo_Horologists Sushi Tuesday

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2021.09.22 00:19 Meremadesings Activision Blizzard confirms SEC investigation, loses chief legal officer

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2021.09.22 00:19 attcust AT&T Secure Family (and or similar for Business customers )

Folks, is there any way we can have something similar to ATT Secure Family (parental control, device location, talk text monitoring) on a ATT Business account (premier).
asking for a friend..

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2021.09.22 00:19 Some_Guy2465 meirl

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2021.09.22 00:19 MrsKrandall Gory Recurring Dreams - What Do They Mean? (Graphic and mentions kids dying)

Hi everyone - I‘ve been having 2 types of horrible dreams (not quite nightmares, but maybe they do count) for a good few years now, and have been curious about what they could mean or if anyone else has similar ones- especially as they’ve been more frequent lately. They 2 types of dream are people getting their faces ripped off, and people being killed by public transport.
I’ve had incredibly vivid dreams for as long as I can remember, but the first type of bad dream started in 2014. Before this I never really had any type of nightmare.
The first time I had this dream I was journeying in a disembodied way through a completely black abyss with a floor covered in water (but also making noise like echoing watery footsteps while I floated through it). Coming out of the floor were huge black obelisks which were meant to be representative of monstrosities in human history. It then cut to a WWI soldier strapped to a chair and having his face peeled off. I tried looking away and closing my eyes, but could still see it happening through my eyelids.
I found this dream really upsetting and had a really rough morning after. Ever since, I get recurring dreams about people getting their faces ripped off (sometimes other types of skinning, but normally faces). It’s never me or people I know - always made up scenarios and strangers eg. a siege at Euston station or serial killer in a school. It’s always very gory and leaves exposed flesh, but not actually much blood. I think usually it will be part of the face rather than the whole thing as well, but sometimes will go all the way to the bone and leave exposed skulls.
The other type of dream which started in around 2018 is of people being hit and killed by public transport (after I moved to London lol). The first one of these was that I was waiting on a London Underground platform and a pregnant woman fell onto the tracks. Again, I tried to look away but could still hear her screaming as she was electrocuted and then hit by a train. Other examples have been a London Northwestern commuter train overturning and a man being hit by a different train as he tried to escape and join the rest of us across the tracks- even with people telling him to stop, and a young girl trying to jump between buses in Budapest then being run over and having her head crushed by a double decker bus.
With both these themes, it’s always total strangers, and if I have a physical presence in the dream (which I don’t always) I always try looking away as it happens but can’t avoid it. Every time I have one of these dreams it leaves me really shaken as they’re just so realistic - I’ve never heard or seen anyone go through any of these irl, but somehow the screams completely chill me and I can’t stop thinking about them for a whole day.
I’m kind of morbidly fascinated by them, but they’re now becoming too much and are actually quite hard to deal with, even as something that hasn’t actually happened. I recently had a completely beyond the pale one involving a baby and an industrial garbage disposal unit, and desperately hope this doesn’t become its own theme because it fucked me up for a few days.
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2021.09.22 00:19 flowgodsme Tried a Magus comp suggestion for Frost Tribe

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2021.09.22 00:19 SpicerJones WORLD WAR Z Steam Version

Cant seem to get controller recognized, anyone else having issues?
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2021.09.22 00:19 Please_Pheasant Hi. I designed a very basic program, and need help getting it to function.

Hi! I wrote a program while reading through a chapter of my Java text-book. I'm still very new, but trying to add practice to the reading.
Here's the program:
public class Name

public static void main(string [] args);
subtotal = 300;
if (subtotal >= 300 && subtotal < 1000);
System.out.println("You win");
System.out.println("You lose");

I'm currently thinking I need to add Int to the subtotal, but I'm a-little confused. Thanks for any advice!
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2021.09.22 00:19 Lovelychocolateq Wisdom tooth sitting on nerve?

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2021.09.22 00:19 FumblesOfDisgamer DickHeads Podcast Ep. 40 - Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said

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2021.09.22 00:19 Personal-Pineapple-5 Elk Finance ::: Elk Weekly Recap — #10 - A flurry of upgrades under the hood this past week have improved the stability of ElkNet, in advance of multiple new feature rollouts. Read for more on what’s in store…

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2021.09.22 00:19 Firegoat1 So I finally made it to the end of the World of Time books Lots of spoilers here, so don't read if you haven't read the books

That said, I haven't read the prequel yet but have it.
But I have some thoughts and questions.
So .... Rand just rides off and leaves all 3 women, two pregnant with his children behind? After all they did for him its just a "seeya" and he's off to see the world? Not one single one of them is going off with them? Sure, I can see why Elayne can't, but Min doesn't seem to have much going on. And hell Aviendha crippled herself trying to protect him and is what pregnant with quadruplets?
Also .... a lot of story lines were tied up. Perrin found Faile. I guess Moraine and Thom will be happy.
But what about Mat? Where did Tuon go? What is Mat going to do?
For as long a read as this was.... and to be fair... a few of the books in the middle were really freakin' tedious and unnecessary.... I don't feel like I got a really good wrapped up ending. Also... did Mandarb live? What about Pip? We all know Bella was Trolloc food.
And so now those three are no longer ta'vern? Will they even notice? Will Perrin still be a wolf friend? Is Mat no longer lucky? I just have a lot more questions than the book answered.
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2021.09.22 00:19 dismygyans It's different when blue team does it

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2021.09.22 00:19 somewhatrespectable Does Deus Ex (2000) Still Hold Up? I thought so, so I made a video about it!

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2021.09.22 00:19 Peruanum Como Cerrón postulará en 2026, la única solución para librarnos de la fábrica estatal de pobreza es que saquen a Castillo y Boluarte antes de 2026.

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2021.09.22 00:19 Letsmakemoney45 240v Watts/Amps Meter

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2021.09.22 00:19 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 00:19 J-Dizzle86 Friendly EU community looking for players

Quack quack!
The Rubber Duckies is a company of semi-hardcore but exceptionally friendly and welcoming players looking to make their mark in Aeternum.
Syndicate Faction.
EU based and English speaking.
Focused on PvE and PvP.
Seeking to capture a starting territory.
Mature community, well for the most part! We like to not take things too seriously!
We have an active Discord channel.
Any questions? Like ducks? Especially like rubber ducks? Then come join us on Discord:
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2021.09.22 00:19 SuperJeffio Smurfing and what can be done about it

Firstly, Id like to acknowledge that this topic has been brought up many many times. I would just like to add my impressions after playing enough to reach my GC rewards the last 8 seasons and what Ive noticed the last 4 seasons. Something has to be done about the smurfing in this game at this point.
One thing I've noticed throughout the four seasons, is that the smurfing has gotten worse and worse each season, making this season the worst Ive experienced in any game Ive ever played competitively at this point. I got my rewards fairly quick again, but I'm not exaggerating when I say every other partied team has a smurf in it. Its honestly sucked the fun out of the competitive experience. I cant imagine how frustrating this is to the newer players in the game at the lower ranks. Im assuming its even worse.
How do I know the people are smurfing? People gaining 20+ MMR for a match (sometimes 30-40, barely C1s in 3s easily topping the leaderboard in a c3/GC lobby, rl tracker, etc.
Making a new account with the purpose to destroy lower ranks is smurfing btw, Im not sure why this is even debated here.
This is the list of problems I ran into with smurfs while getting my rewards:
---- Leaving early if a teammate does something they perceive as stupid because they dont care if they lose
---- The lowest MMR in the lobby being by far the best player in the lobby (usually in a team of 3)
---- Toxic behavior and trolling
---- Throwing matches (at least its only 5 minutes in RL)
---- Inconsistent lobbies in ranked. You use to be able to develop a strategy depending on the skill level, but a lot of that has gone out the window. You never know what youre going to get going into a lobby. Where has the consistency gone? Are the ranks even legit at this point?
---- People in a GC lobby with a season 4 bronze tournament winner title. Why would you do this?
This is now the experience of ranked in your game Psyonix. What are you doing about it? I would say 50% of my games were altered in some ways by smurfing. Before free to play it was 95+% fair from my observations. That is an insanely big deal for a competitive game. Its impossible to stop, but psyonix has done close to nothing about it. You can reach level 10 with the new season challenges in probably 1-3 hours. That is a complete joke. What is the motivation for psyonix to do nothing about something thats a stain on the game?
Let me be clear to some people that dont have the patience to install bakkesmod, use rl tracker, see mmr in game. A smurf is not just someone that is flip resetting into a musty with ease. Just because theyre not doing highly mechanical things does not me theyre not a smurf or that theyre not screwing over the competitive aspect of the game. The game is far more subtle than a game like CSGO.
Smurfing is not something that should be widely available to players that have just ONE hour to invest. Some of my suggestions, which im sure others could think of better solutions:
- Make the minimum level to play ranked to at least 30. I would prefer 50.
- Tie accounts to phone numbers or use 2FA. Anything besides being able to make a throwaway email in a few minutes to smurf.
- Place unranked players in a higher rank to start (Plat 2). Not that big of a deal with the huge mmr swings for a new account.
- Prime matchmaking for accounts that have a certain amount of hours. Whatever they feel would be a good number.
Instead the psyonix has done nothing, and they almost never comment on the issue. This is the least fun I've ever had playing ranked in this game. Honestly, I was excited for f2p to grow the game, but Psyonix lack of care about the issues with smurfing has made it ruin the experience instead. Its been more than enough time to do something about it and instead they just sit by and let it ruin the ranked experience. Im not sure if this is all related to money or resources, but it feels like nothing is being done about it. The level 10 requirement is a joke.
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2021.09.22 00:19 filthy-weeb Need help deciding which jacket to keep! I mostly wear neutrals so I laid out some pieces to try to find the best match. Left or right?

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2021.09.22 00:19 philswrld high dps corrosive weapons

Looking for a good corrosive gun to shred agonizer 9000
FL4K crit build btw if that helps (crit damage bonus or not i dont mind just looking for high dps)
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2021.09.22 00:19 okguy65 ACLU files amicus brief in support of New York's carry laws (PDF)

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2021.09.22 00:19 liquiddragon91 Help with a tripod for Star Adventurer

OK so, I need some help with a tripod for my Star Adventurer.
So I'm in need of a stable tripod for the SA, my other one is breaking down. So after I did some reading, other than the actual Star Adventurer tripod, people suggested getting a contractor tripod and that you would just have to change the 5/8" to a 3/8" to fit.
I bought this and went to look for an adapter then I realized I am super bad at the whole connectoadaptethread thing.
If anyone could help me figure out the correct adapter for this that'd be great! Or any other suggestions on tripods to use.
Note: I'm on a time crunch so waiting for the actual SA tripod to come back in stock is not possible at the moment.
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2021.09.22 00:19 thewittslc Anxiety disorder

3 people I've worked with at 3 different jobs in Salt Lake City have taken medications for anxiety disorders. I never heard of it when I worked for 25 years in California. Is anxiety disorder a thing in Utah?
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2021.09.22 00:19 Keduroda Level 10 Broly EZA. this is pain right here.

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