Blizzard's chief legal officer Claire Hart leaves Activision Blizzard amid a series of high-level departures (Ari Notis/Kotaku)

2021.09.22 01:38 FrequentProposal8366 Blizzard's chief legal officer Claire Hart leaves Activision Blizzard amid a series of high-level departures (Ari Notis/Kotaku)

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2021.09.22 01:38 actuallymulan New York Times: Trump campaign was aware attorneys' voting conspiracy theories were baseless, court documents show - CNN

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2021.09.22 01:38 RitaXRae Let me be your spooky internet gf ☠️🖤

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2021.09.22 01:38 BentheVagabond Youth Style 51 from 2008. My First Pair.

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2021.09.22 01:38 Objective_Ring9961 Unweighted vs. Weighted Gpa/Rank

While doing this college application thing alone without much parent help (first gen) I’m finding myself really confused on whether to submit my unweighted vs weighted GPA and rank on common app.
My school calculates both. My weighted GPA is 4.70 and my weighted rank is 6/750 (approximately).
My unweighted gpa is 3.97 and my unweighted rank is 2/750 (approximately).
For reference my dream schools are Northwestern and WASHU. (Don’t worry I have safeties lol).
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2021.09.22 01:38 actuallymulan Reports: CIA director's team member reported Havana syndrome symptoms - Axios

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2021.09.22 01:38 Post-YouTube Published on YouTube: EXCLUSIVE: Larry Elder Reflects on the California Recall w/ Former State Sen. John Moorlach | TEASER

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2021.09.22 01:38 fiswet How to download Asphalt 7: Heat on PC??

Hello guys, I need help finding Asphalt 7 on PC, so if anybody has a way to download the game please comment the link in the comment section.
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2021.09.22 01:38 prolific_ideas Made my day

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2021.09.22 01:38 brandon_the_bald New Lineup for tonight

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2021.09.22 01:38 WhoIsJolyonWest Sicilian pop stars who glamorise the mafia face police crackdown

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2021.09.22 01:38 Umbreon7707 [ng][BL65][lower pythumeru chalice 3rd level boss]

I have never co-op in a chalice dungeon so I don’t know what to do. Rom is kicking my ass though. I’m on the third floor of lower pythumeru
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2021.09.22 01:38 Just-a-reddit-guy-16 I found some rare sets.

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2021.09.22 01:38 ericallenjett [USA/PA] [H] Iron Man X-Men Deadpool Hulk Man-Thing Deathlok PLUS other Marvel Comics [W] PayPal

Selling quite a few excess Iron Man/ X-Men/ Cable/ Spider-Man and various other Marvel Comics! Here's a list along with pricing....

The Uncanny X-Men #177 VF/$4
X-Factor #94 VF/ $1
Classic X-Men #7 VF/$2
Uncanny X-Men #303; 316 F/#1 each
Uncanny X-Men annual 13 VF/ $2
Cable #22.23,33, 50 VF/ $1 each
Man-Thing volume 1, #10 1.5/ $2
Man-Thing volume 1, #15 3.0/ $4
Ghost Rider 2099 #3, 4 VF/ $1 each
Deathlok volume 2 #3,5,6,9, 11 VF/ $1 each
Askani'Son (Cable) #1-4 VF/ $5 dollars for the set
The Monster of Frankenstein #4 VG/ $5
Conspiracy #1&2 VF/ $1 each
X-Force (2019) #5, second printing VF/ $2
Spectacular Spider-Man volume 2, issue 3 VF $2
Web of Spider-Man #91 VF/ $1
Cloak and Dagger volume 1, #8 VF $1
Iron Man volume one; issues 146, 155, 171, 173, 172, 180, 187, 195, 199, 290 G/$1 each

USA shipping is just 3 dollars for the first book and a dollar for any additional issues ordered. Comics will be boarded and poly-bagged! If interested or need pictures please feel free to contact me!
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2021.09.22 01:38 HelpfulPhilosopher18 Trailer fire

So I flagged down a truck who's flatbed was smoking. I noticed flames from around the wheel hubs, and sure enough, all four pairs were overheated and in flames.
It struck me as odd because the terrain is fairly flat, and I followed him for a good bit while catching up and he wasn't riding his brakes, from what I could tell. So what would cause this?
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2021.09.22 01:38 frevueltas En vacunación hasta Cuba supera a México

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2021.09.22 01:38 Expert-Item-3815 Selling glimemring light halo! Name your price IA: 5.6 mill

I can do a halo or two and diamonds (3
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2021.09.22 01:38 Patriot_Fan_Scaliwag What is the best method for passive income?

The objective of passive income is to bring in cash while you rest. Yet, in spite of having "aloof" in its name, acquiring this sort of pay requires a forthright venture of cash and time to create long haul income.

What is easy revenue?

Easy revenue is a money stream that requires practically zero day by day work to keep up with, in contrast to dynamic pay, for example, cash procured from an everyday work.

Comprehensively talking, you can make automated revenue through putting resources into certain monetary items or by beginning organizations that, after an underlying speculation, begin to create pay without normal work on your part.

The IRS treats charges on dynamic and easy revenue in an unexpected way, and has slender rules on what in fact qualifies as easy revenue:

Exchange or business exercises in which you don't really take part during the year.

Rental exercises, regardless of whether you do tangibly take an interest during the year, except if you're a realtor.

Specialists consider various types of venture pay as aloof, however the IRS believes this to be portfolio pay, and it is dependent upon capital additions charges.

9 instances of automated revenue

  1. Profit stocks

One approach to assemble a revenue stream is to put resources into profit stocks, which circulate part of the organization's income to financial backers consistently, like quarterly. The best ones increment their payout after some time, developing future pay.

Profit stocks regularly are less unstable than development stocks and assist with expanding your portfolio. Financial backers can likewise decide to reinvest profits (find out about profits and how they work).

» Learn more: 25 high-profit stocks and how to put resources into them

  1. Profit list assets and trade exchanged assets

You can likewise put resources into record assets or trade exchanged assets that hold profit stocks as opposed to singling out individual stocks to purchase.

List supports hold a balanced choice of many stocks that intend to reflect the presentation of a given file, like the S&P 500. A profit list asset will put resources into a determination of stocks that deliver profits. List assets can assist with adjusting portfolio hazard, as market swings will in general be less unstable across a list contrasted and individual stocks.

Profit ETFs offer the enhancement advantages of file reserves while impersonating the straightforwardness with which stocks are exchanged. To put resources into profit stocks, list assets, ETFs or other public resources, you'll need to open a money market fund in the event that you don't as of now have one.

» Learn more: Index reserves — how to contribute and best assets to pick

  1. Securities and security list reserves

Maybe than purchase a possession stake in an organization through stock, securities are a way for financial backers to loan cash to organizations — just as administrative, state and nearby governments — and gather revenue pay. Bonds are viewed as a more secure speculation than stocks, yet in addition by and large acquire a lower profit from your venture. For instance, from 1926 to 2017, government bonds acquired a compound yearly return of 5.5%. A file of huge stocks procured 10.2% during a similar period, as per Morningstar research.

Specialists propose putting a part of your portfolio in bonds due to their lower instability and relative wellbeing contrasted with stocks, then, at that point, having a higher proportion of bonds in your portfolio the nearer you are to retirement.

» Learn more: How to purchase bonds

  1. High return investment accounts

One more approach to acquire automated revenue (though at a lower level than stocks and securities) is a high return online investment account, which can be great for developing your backup stash. The interest paid by investment accounts is added to your equilibrium.

High return accounts are a kind of governmentally safeguarded bank account that acquires a loan cost that is regularly a lot higher than the public normal. For instance, regular high return accounts are at present procuring around 1.50% yearly rate yield, contrasted with the public investment funds normal of 0.07% APY. After some time, those little contrasts amount to genuine money, so it pays to look for where you put your reserve funds.

» Learn more: 10 best high return online bank accounts

  1. Investment properties

Buying properties to acquire rental pay is one more approach to assemble automated revenue. Long haul rentals can give a solid wellspring of money in case they are situated in a sound market for leaseholders, yet they likewise convey long haul stressors like keeping up with those properties, just as paying numerous home loans, local charge bills and different expenses.

You could likewise zero in on transient rentals through a stage like Airbnb, which is reliant upon a consistent progression of guests to your space. Or on the other hand, start little: Rent out a room in your home to start to bankroll your investment property realm.

» Learn more: How to put resources into land — 5 different ways to get everything rolling

  1. Distributed loaning

Land speculations are long haul wagers to construct automated revenue. Assuming you need to conceivably bring in pay and money out your interest in less than five years, one strategy to consider is distributed loaning.

An option in contrast to conventional bank advances, distributed loan specialists, as Prosper and Lending Club, match financial backers who will loan cash with borrowers who are screened by the stages for reliability. It's more dangerous than placing cash in a high return bank account or currency market store, yet additionally possibly can procure more revenue — as much as 5% or more.

» Learn more: Best transient speculation represents cash you need in 5 years or less

  1. Being a quiet accomplice

Maybe the first type of distributed loaning, one more typical type of easy revenue is financing a personal business you accept has the chance to produce future pay. For high-total assets people, this may be putting resources into private value reserves, which are commonly simply accessible to authorize financial backers who meet certain total assets or pay prerequisites.

Another way is to back a relative, companion or other confided in accomplice to assist with subsidizing their business with a consent to acquire gets back from any future benefits. Be that as it may, be careful: No matter how enormous or little, putting resources into a solitary business is an intrinsically dangerous, long haul bet. Never contribute beyond what you can stand to lose.

  1. Publishing content to a blog

An approach to assemble automated revenue at home is to begin a blog and construct traffic. With a bigger peruser base, it's feasible to create income through show promoting, utilizing a program like Google Adsense, or to run supported substance, which means organizations pay you an expense to distribute a post on your blog.

One more approach to adapt a blog is subsidiary showcasing, which permits you to acquire commissions if your perusers buy an item or administration you've prescribed or connected to. This load of strategies require a ton of forthright venture of time to construct traffic, just as strain to keep up with the blog to keep that traffic.

  1. Land speculation trusts (REITs)

Assuming you need to assemble automated revenue from land without the quarrel and trouble (also the weighty initial installment) of purchasing and overseeing properties yourself, REITs might be the appropriate response.

Like shared assets, REITs are organizations that own business land, like places of business, retail spaces, condos and lodgings. REITs will in general deliver high profits, however they change in intricacy and accessibility. Some are public on stock trades; others are not.

Learn more here

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2021.09.22 01:38 themosey Maps maps maps

I see a lot of people posting individual maps but at first blush If you don’t want theatre of the mine for battles (if you battle) you will need maps.
Does anyone recommend a good bundle?
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2021.09.22 01:38 slimshady321 [Task] Identify / Scrape a list of Lawyers in Los Angeles $50

I'm looking to create a giant list of lawyers who work in Los Angeles at the top firms who work in the following fields: Project Finance, Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Construction.
I need a spread sheet with their: (full name, undergrad school, law-school, field of law, their law firm their Linkedin, their email, and anything notable about them.
They must have went to GeorgeTown University for Law School or Undergraduate (no exceptions).
I would suggest first scraping up all the major directories of law firms in LA and then trimming down to people who went to GT.
I will pay $10/100 lawyers who meet the qualification via paypal.
I would like to finish this in the next 48 hours.
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2021.09.22 01:38 ninjaronin13 getting started

I went axe throwing at a friend's house and I'm intrigued but I have no clue where to start or what to expect from prices so what would some starting gear be and cost me. all I really need is axes and some targets to my knowledge but im absolutely clueless on what to get.
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2021.09.22 01:38 actuallymulan Biden Asks Court to Let Him Scrap Trump's Remain-in-Mexico Rule - Bloomberg

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2021.09.22 01:38 mentecerrada Do you turn on enemy VC

View Poll
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2021.09.22 01:38 LILGREEN535 95 xlt 4wd with 40k miles worth 5k with minor rocker rust on the bed???

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2021.09.22 01:38 followedbytidalwaves Believe me, professor, I've been asking myself the exact same thing for the past six years.

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