Weapon for Xiangling

2021.09.22 00:57 Imtiredpleaseshtup Weapon for Xiangling

I do have a question... i just got c4 for her .. and i already i'm using raiden with the catch.. and by luck i have dragon bane and jade winged spear.. with one of the two should i use? My team is Childe, Xiangling, Baal and bennet.
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2021.09.22 00:57 KNIGHTRIDER_16 Funko Shop Exclusive "Pietro Maximoff"

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2021.09.22 00:57 cat_murdock Thor (Ragnarok): Old vs New Kit Comparison

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2021.09.22 00:57 chinkpro What little things your partner do are actually grand gestures?

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2021.09.22 00:57 PykeTheDrowned Managed to beat this fucker with T. Jacob on my first attempt

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2021.09.22 00:57 nofortunate_son [WTS] T. Rex arms glock 19 surefire ragnorak holster (AZ)

I have a relatively unused ragnorak holster in multicam with QLS forks for a Roland Special build. I’m asking for $50 for it with the usual PayPal rules.
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2021.09.22 00:57 EastwoodRavine85 Three-card poker!

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2021.09.22 00:57 Forget-Me-Not-Fairy Last year’s sweet pea

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2021.09.22 00:57 Accomplished_Bed9129 Lizzie Peirce 200K Giveaway ($5,000 value) {WW} (9/29/21)

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2021.09.22 00:57 ReasonableEcho3143 Native-owned body jewelry makers or shops?

Hi all,
I’m looking for any Native-owned shops or Native individuals who make body jewelry, specifically for ear gauges (plugs, tunnels, etc.) Online would be best, but it’d be great to know about any physical shops as well.
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2021.09.22 00:57 Tsundika haha imagine ( ;´ᗜ`;)⸝

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2021.09.22 00:57 Galaxa13 What's your best animal companion story?

Did you tame a wild beast? Suffer the tragic loss of a pet? Have a weird pony follow the party and never go away? Share with us your animal tales.
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2021.09.22 00:57 HarleyMca200 Flag of creating a surprisingly great flag

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2021.09.22 00:57 jonybatata quando você menos esperar, ele vai estar lá

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2021.09.22 00:57 Soviet_Plays (FaceitR6) Fight Club coming September 25th

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2021.09.22 00:57 wfezzari Over an ideal career, a person goes from filtering out jobs they don't qualify for to filtering out jobs that don't pay enough.

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2021.09.22 00:57 lmar11112 How to turn on laptop without pressing power button?

Hi all, please let me know if im in the right sub.

I have a lenovo ideapad gaming 3 that i keep on a vertical laptop stand in an effort to maximize airflow around the laptop. Is there a way to turn my computer on without having to take it off the stand?

i was reading about editing the BIOS but i wasnt sure if it would work with a USB keyboard (doesnt sound like it would because its through the USB and not the round plug thing).
I was maybe thinking about rewiring the power button to an external switch, but if there was a way to do it through software, that would be great.

any ideas?
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2021.09.22 00:57 imsitco What's the best DD you know?

I belive GME is shorted, but ill admit i dont really know shit about shit.. My brother is currently hounding me for investing in GME, and I honestly have no arguments for it... I belive in it because i was convinced a few months ago by something i read, but then i honestly just forgot about GME for a long time, as i thought the best plan was to ignore it, and wait for it to blow..
Ive tried searching the sub for DD, but i cant find anything solid that isnt just pure guesswork woth no basis. I have tried googleing for a while too, but again, i can only find articles with reasons not to invest.
So, if you know any good realistic DD that i can read up on, please let me know :)
//And yes, my brain is smoother than smooth
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2021.09.22 00:57 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 00:57 RealConstruction1815 I find it kinda of annoying that after an event, you will know all your hard work that you are trying to get characters will be gone and it will take forever to get to that point again.

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2021.09.22 00:57 AlkaDragos Samsung Galaxy Chromebook (ambient light sensor)

Hello guys!
I've searched around and didn't quite find an answer for this abnormality of mine. As title say i have a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook (2020) 4k model, and some time ago (Chrome OS v90?) the keyboard light started to act weird, like, it didn't time out nor turned off while there was light in the room; also it started at boot with brightness maxed out. I've powerwashed it then and all went ok until now, v93 stable, it does this again and as a "bonus" the screen brightness also fluctuate up and down every ~10 seconds or so... Like the ambient sensor doesn't work or something.
Now, i don't know what the real behaviour should be since myabe i had a defective unit all along... My screen and keyboard starts at max brightness on boot even if the room is dark, after that screen lowers brightness but fluctuates, and the keyboard just lights no matter the ambient light. Does it's brightness suppose to auto-adjust anyways?
Does anybody have this device so it can tell me the proper behaviour or this particular problem so i can solve it maybe?
I've powerwashed it quite a few times and also hardware reset it, but still no luck!
Thank you very much for your help! :)
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2021.09.22 00:57 defreebiebuddy Safety Work Gloves (All Sizes Available) $18.99, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested

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2021.09.22 00:57 AngryCatGirl egg_irl

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2021.09.22 00:57 Baozi-king 🤔

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2021.09.22 00:57 diffbreed666 Found this while looking through Steam 250s Psychological Horror section....Cookie Clicker??

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