Water skating redemption

2021.09.22 01:10 Quite_an_Whole_Ass Water skating redemption

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2021.09.22 01:10 Professional_Tap_941 H:Caps W:Low Level Alright Rolled Fixer and .45 Ammo

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2021.09.22 01:10 wearedefined Great guide for assembly of the printer

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2021.09.22 01:10 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 01:10 JuliusMoons Call of Duty Vanguard beta WARNING: Last chance to download and enjoy early access cash on delivery

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2021.09.22 01:10 toddandrh Looking for a Co-Commish - 10 Sport, 12 Team league - Starting 2022

Looking for someone who might be interested in getting involved in the start up of a 10 sport, 12 team League.
Currently have 2 Co-Commishes, but a 3rd would be good, just due to the size.
Quite in-depth league, that would require a strong commitment, as it would be year round.
$160 buy in covers all sports, as well as a Trophy for the overall champion
Feel free to message me if you would like some more info.
(Apologies to anyone who I had spoken to about this league start up in the past - life got in the way)
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2021.09.22 01:10 Terroristdestroyer24 mr society stans rise up

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2021.09.22 01:10 kidney91 H: Cursed Broadsider, Cursed Sickle and SnallyGaster Plushie Plan W: Tv Aquarium or Milelurk King Tube Plan

Also have caps
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2021.09.22 01:10 Zeryxz Disconnecting my USB microphone disconnects my Shadowcast [Mac, Genki Arcade]

It seems like Genki Arcade has trouble differentiating the Shadowcast from other similar USB devices, such as my USB microphone (Blue Snowball, in this case). When I boot Genki Arcade with the Shadowcast already plugged in, it appears to work without issue. The same thing happens if I plug in the Shadowcast last. However, if after I boot Arcade with the Shadowcast plugged in, I plug in my microphone, the audio will disconnect, presumably switching to my microphone as the new audio source. Also, if at any point both my microphone and the Shadowcast are plugged in and I remove the microphone, Arcade will say "Shadowcast disconnected." I was also able to plug in my microphone without the Shadowcast, and have Arcade display a black screen, presumably trying to read the microphone input as if it were a Shadowcast. I believe this is an issue with Genki Arcade specifically, as the Shadowcast appears to function without issue in OBS, although I have been unable to confirm yet if it's possible to interrupt the audio from the Shadowcast by some combination of plugging and unplugging my mic.
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2021.09.22 01:10 NorrisOBE Can't wait for the scene where C.I.Ape unleashes crack in black neighbourhoods.

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2021.09.22 01:10 gameover31 California Sports Betting

I live in California and would love to be able to bet on Draftkings or Fanduel. I started this petition to try to make it happen. Anyone who wants to sign would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.09.22 01:10 loki-kedi Minnoş gives me those eyes

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2021.09.22 01:10 Fanchee [FREE] Yeat x SSGKobe x Lil Tecca Type Beat 2021 - "Dark Matter"🚀🚀🔥🔥

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2021.09.22 01:10 darthwalt45 I think this works on many levels so wen Karma

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2021.09.22 01:10 derzeppo Is this.. an animal?

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2021.09.22 01:10 ry4 Smaller zoom or fonts?

I just got the S21 Ultra and I'm upgrading from my Pixel 4a 5G. I usually prefer pure Android but I want to give Samsung a chance.
I've set the font and zoom on the S21U to be the smallest possible with the max. screen resolution. But everything is still pretty big and bulky on the screen. I was able to fit way more on my Pixel screen than the S21U.
Considering S21 has a higher resolution and larger screen, is there a tweak or anything that can help me fit more on the screen?
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2021.09.22 01:10 urmomshwul He is right you know

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2021.09.22 01:10 Complex_Challenge369 😍😍

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2021.09.22 01:10 telex_bot Államtitok megsértése miatt nem jogerősen börtönre ítélték a Nemzetbiztonsági Hivatal egykori vezetőjét

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2021.09.22 01:10 CMStan1313 Uncle Iroh isn't Perfect

Let's talk for a moment about one of the only things our beloved Uncle Iroh did wrong. Let me preface this by saying I do not hate Uncle Iroh, I love him just as much as you do, but this specific thing isn't right and I don't think it's talked about enough. You may already know what I'm talking about. S01 E15 Bato of the Water Tribe.
For any who don't remember the specifics, basically, an attractive, female bounty hunter named June had a shirshu, which is an animal with a paralyzing tongue. June was accidentally stung during a fray and ended up paralyzed, falling right on top of Uncle Iroh, who was already on the ground. Later Zuko says to Iroh that he didn't see him get paralyzed and Iroh shushes him, clearly just pretending to be paralyzed so he can stay where he is with June's prone body on top of him. You can also see June's expression and she is clearly not happy about it, but is paralyzed and unable to do anything.
Now, for any who don't already see the issue I'll explain. Iroh pretending to be paralyzed so he can keep touching June is disgusting, nonconsensual, and sexual assault. Especially when she can't do anything to stop him! Not only does her facial expression in the moment tell us she's not ok with it, she even refers to Iroh as Zuko's "Creepy grandpa" in a later episode, so clearly his actions left a bad lasting impression.
As someone who was also sexually assaulted, this is the only scene from the show I can't watch because it brings back too many memories
Now, as previously stated, I don't hate Iroh. I love him! But I think that he is often heralded as the most perfect character to ever exist who never does anything wrong and is only ever loving and supportive, but it would be remiss of us as fans to only see the best in him and ignore his shortcomings
Anyway, I've had a rough last few days and getting that off my chest really helped, so even if you disagree, please be polite and considerate in the comments. I don't mind if you disagree, but I really don't need negativity right now👍
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2021.09.22 01:10 lobsm Why is he doing this?

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2021.09.22 01:10 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 01:10 Quasm Press Enter to Start?

Me and a friend trying to play some hunt and it's stuck on this screen for both of us. Anybody else having an issue?
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2021.09.22 01:10 chicothecat69 1k and mythoclast both obtained within 2 weeks of trying, is this normal?

Got 1k last week after 3 keys, and just got vex after my first run on my warlock this week. This is my 3rd week back from taking a 3 year hiatus from D2 back when it launched. I’m wondering if my luck is insane or this is normal for returning players/new comers
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2021.09.22 01:10 bosotmo modding music for project m ex remix

i want to mod music for the project m ex remix, however i realize the way the music is sorted is different from what i am used to. i am familiar with modding music traditionally in other smash mods such as original PM. in pm remix the songs are ordered by series and are named by their titles compared to a usual mod where the brtsm are designated to their file name. im sorry if this sounds weird but i can further elaborate if it seems unclear
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